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Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas

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Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas
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The Cycle of "Sunship."

The Cycle of "Sunship."


1. This paper seeks to consider: The royal title of "Sunship" as presented by the Master Hilarion and HPB.


2. It's process of objectivity and obscuration resulting in the sequenced and sacred process of cyclic manifestation either of a planet as is usually understood by the esoteric astrologer, or of a Star/Sun as accounted for by the Masters though as yet, little accepted by the students of ageless wisdom.


3. The process of a planet, sacred or non-sacred, assuming under the law of karma it's divine right of passage to sunship and service as a resolver in a system of planets who's purpose it is to serve as the evolving entity. JPC.


This marks the point for the disappearance of the solar unit into pralaya. We need here to remember that it is always pralaya when viewed from below. From the higher vision, that sees the subtler continuously over-shadowing the dense when not in objective manifestation, pralaya is simply subjectivity, and is not that "which is not," but simply that which is esoteric. TCF 131.


There are three kinds of pralayas and manwantara: --

1. The universal or Maha pralaya and manwantara.

2. The solar pralaya and manwantara.

3. The minor pralaya and manwantara.


When the pralaya No. 1 is finished the universal manwantara begins. Then the whole universe must be re-evoluted de novo. When the pralaya of a solar system comes it affects that solar system only.


A solar pralaya = 7 minor pralayas. The minor pralayas of No. 3 concern but our little string of globes, whether man-bearing or not. To such a string our Earth belongs. Besides this within a minor pralaya there is a condition of planetary rest or as the astronomers say "death." Mahatma KH Letters.



SLOKA I.  Said the radiant one to the shining face, "I will cause a shade to cover thy face for a day and a night of time.  I will brood thy young and bring them forth in strength and might when the shade has passed from thy face and thou shinest forth once more." Commentary #1


The above mentioned creative energy of Akasha is also the fire - the Light of the Central Spiritual Sun - from which the creative light, the life principle, is emmited or radiated and absorbed by the Suns during their periods of passivity.  With the opening of a period of activity, it gives rise to a ceaseless stream of energy which increases in volume and power and imparts a definite mode of motion to the laya centers within its spear of action.  Within and without these laya centers the stream of energy play until, in the course of ages, what were originally zero points in space have become visible, self-luminous Suns.  The Shining face is such a Sun, in this case the sun in our solar system.


The second Stanza opens with an intimation to the Dhyan Chohan - the sun god of the sun of our solar system - by the cosmic messenger Fohat, that the period of a partial pralaya is at hand wherein the light and life energy of the sun shall be cut off from the earth to a degree that evidently would not permit of the continuance of life upon those sections of the earth affected by "the shade." 


It is evident that this can only be a partial pralaya as the promise is given "to brood thy young".. There would have been no brooding of the young during a full solar pralaya when neither heat nor light could reach any section of any of the planets belonging to the solar system.   "I bring them forth in strength and might when the shade has passed from thy face and thou shinest forth once more."


At the close of the partial pralaya and the commencement of the new period of activity the Fohatic power would be exerted to increase the energy of the sun to a greater degree than formerly, in order that the newly evolving life germs might have the advantage of more force and power..


The life and light of a sun is never entirely quenched during its full period of manifestation. - A solar day - lasting many millions of years; but during a partial pralaya its power of radiation is much decreased.  The corona of the sun passes through great changes: some sections of the corona become unable to reflect the light from within, and deep vortices are formed which appear to lead into the very heart of the sun.  The space occupied by these vortices is absolute darkness to human eyes.  The planet, or planets, affected by one of the vortices is cut off in full or in part from all heat and light until the swirling force of the vortex is overcome by a new impulse imparted by fohatic power at the dawn of a new cycle, which increases the degree of the sun's radiation..


Thus passes the Shade from the face of the shining one at the close of a partial pralaya.. "The day and night of time," during which "the shade" was to cover the face of the sun, does not mean a day and night of Brahm.  According to the teachings of the Initiates, such inconceivably long periods as the last mentioned, are usually termed eternities. Master Hilarion.


Commentary SLOKA II.

For the Sun to shine again with "seven-fold light" indicates that at some preceding period of activity the sun in question with all its burden of life must have been developed to a very much higher degree.  For the seven-fold light here mentioned is the light of the Central Spiritual Sun.  If the sun of our solar system were to shine again with that particular "light," it would necessary for the energy of each principle of the Central Sun to be focused upon the Solar Orb again - as in some preceding age when the cyclic law permitted such a like focus.  Hilarion. Theogenesis.


From the point of view of any unit involved, a pralaya is a period of quiescence, of cessation from a particular type of activity, involving objectivity, yet from the point of view of the great whole with which the unit may be involved, a pralaya may be considered merely as a transference of force from one direction into another. Though the unit may be temporarily devitalised as regards its form, yet the greater Entity persists, and is still active. (TCF733)


The sacred planets were brothers and once Suns, this was at the original beginning of the Solar System where they, the sacred planets became planets in service with the elder brother our Solar Logos as the one resolver. HPB states that in KALPAS past Mars was a great Sun, so that seems to be a time cycle for Sunship, for we are told very clearly that it will become so again. 


There seems to me to be clear implications of rulership of suns and planets, all according to Karmic Law.  A major philosophical question stands before all esoteric astrologers. Does A solar logos serve as such then to take another form of planetary service allowing another planetary logos to take solar status as the one resolver or does the same planetary logos remain as a newly achieved Solar Lord when Sunship is attained and all the atoms of the planet are sacred and conductive of the energy of the sacred central spiritual sun? JPC.


Lets remember that enormous statement by HPB that "The sun was not a sacred planet." (S.D.VolII,26)


And all planets are suns when they attain the Central Sun and bear on them lives which are Christ-like. The planet or sun itself then is so spiritualised that it becomes One with the Central Spiritual Sun itself. Hence find the Pathway to the Stars, and thou wilt find the One Eternal Truth and Life, and from the terrestrial heights thou wilt attain to heights celestial. [TT2@172]  Hilarion.


At one time Mars was a great sun and when its cycle of Sunship ceased it became a planet, and the regent of the Red Ray now rules it. The planet Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and quite self luminous according to Those Who Know. The civilization on Jupiter is more advanced than that of any of our planets, yet the density is no greater than that of milk or other fluids of about the same specific gravity. Therefore its inhabitants must be, to a great extent, on the inner planes as there is no solid matter on it.


Being now selfluminous to a large degree is significant. This means that when the great energy of our Sun and its source is exhausted, which may take hundreds of thousands or millions of years, Jupiter will take the Sun's place in the heavens and all the planets will revolve around it as they do now around the present Sun. Thus we see how Suns are evolved and when they lose the source of their great energy they become planets. [TT2@298] Hilarion.


(25). Behold Migmar,* as in his crimson veils his "Eye" sweeps over slumbering Earth. Behold the fiery aura of the "Hand" of Lhagpa** extended in protecting love over the heads of his ascetics. Both are now servants to Nyima*** (26) left in his absence silent watchers in the night. Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas, and may in future "Days" again become two Suns. Such are the falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature. Voice Of The Silence. H.P. Blavatsky. [*Mars.] [**Mercury.] [***The Sun.]


Speculating further upon this "critical" state, Mr. Mattieu Williams emits some quite occult theories about Jupiter and other planets. He says: "Our notions of solids, liquids, and gases are derived from our experiences of the state of matter here upon this Earth. Could we be removed to another planet, they would be curiously changed. On Mercury water would rank as one of the condensable gases; on Mars, as a fusible solid; but what on Jupiter?"


"Recent observations justify us in regarding this as a miniature sun, with an external envelope of cloudy matter, apparently of partially-condensed water, but red-hot, or probably still hotter within. His vaporous atmosphere is evidently of enormous depth, and the force of gravitation being on his visible outer surface two-and-a-half times greater than that on our Earth's surface, the atmospheric pressure, in descending below this visible surface, must soon reach that at which the vapour of water would be brought to its critical condition. Therefore we may infer that the oceans of Jupiter are neither of frozen, liquid, nor gaseous water, but are oceans or atmospheres of critical water. If any fish or birds swim or fly therein, they must be very critically organized."


As the whole mass of Jupiter is 300 times greater than that of the Earth, and its compressing energy towards the centre proportional to this, its materials, if similar to those of the Earth, and no hotter, would be considerably more dense, and the whole planet would have a higher specific gravity; but we know by the movement of its satellites that, instead of this, its specific gravity is less than a fourth of that of the Earth. This justifies the conclusion that it is intensely hot; for even hydrogen, if cold, would become denser than Jupiter under such pressure.


"As all elementary substances may exist as solids, liquids, or gases, or, critically, according to the conditions of temperature and pressure, I am justified in hypothetically concluding that Jupiter is neither a solid, a liquid, nor a gaseous planet, but a critical planet, or an orb composed internally of associated elements in the critical state, and surrounded by a dense atmosphere of their vapours and those of some of their compounds such as water. The same reasoning applies to Saturn and other large and rarefied planets." It is gratifying to see how scientific imagination approaches every year more closely to the borderland of our occult teachings. "The Day After Death," p. 23. SDII. HPB.


The planet Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and quite self luminous according to Those Who Know. The civilization on Jupiter is more advanced than that of any of our planets, yet the density is no greater than that of milk or other fluids of about the same specific gravity. Therefore its inhabitants must be, to a great extent, on the inner planes as there is no solid matter on it. Being now selfluminous to a large degree is significant. This means that when the great energy of our Sun and its source is exhausted, which may take hundreds of thousands or millions of years, Jupiter will take the Sun's place in the heavens and all the planets will revolve around it as they do now around the present Sun. Thus we see how Suns are evolved and when they lose the source of their great energy they become planets.


A Master radiates light and those who are not Masters simply reflect light as do the planets. Jupiter presides over happiness, good fortune and all highly constructive conditions that make for Unity; so when it comes into Sunship, humanity will probably have evolved out of the fourth degree of the Lodge into the fifth degree. Under such conditions there can be no depressions, no selfishness, no separateness, and the inhabitants of the Earth and all the planets subject to the influence of Jupiter, will realize their oneness with one another and Unity with all, and will radiate their highest forces materially as well as spiritually.TT. Hilarion.


And further, examining the astronomical conditions of the other planets, it is easy to show that several are far better adapted for the development of life and intelligence -- even under the conditions with which men are acquainted -- than is our earth. For instance, on the planet Jupiter the seasons, instead of varying between wide limits as do ours, change by almost imperceptible degrees, and last twelve times as long as ours. Owing to the inclination of its axis the seasons on Jupiter are due almost entirely to the eccentricity of its orbit, and hence change slowly and regularly. M. Flammarion. HPB.


Jupiter. "A critical planet, or an orb composed internally of associated elements in the critical state."


"Recent observations justify us in regarding this as a miniature sun." Mattieu Williams. 1881. SD.


Does a constellation esoterically understood have to have two or more suns actually in physical manifestation. It may be possible for us to account for suns in pralaya as brown dwarfs. Theogenesis informs us that a Star can radiate life and light to a planet or planets in a system while casting esoterically a shadow upon any given planet thus putting it in pralaya.


Master Hilarion tells us that the Central spiritual sun/Cosmic Magnet may cast such a shade or shadow upon a given Star/Sun thus requiring of it to become dormant during its time of pralaya, which according to the purpose of the cosmic magnet, will either ensue once again into full sunship or take its turn of service as a planet. JPC.


HPB states that... 

It was at the ray of this First mother, one in three, that "God," according to Plato, lighted a fire which we now call the sun," and which is not the cause of either light or heat, but merely the focus, or, as we might say, the lens, by which the rays of the primordial light become materialised, are concentrated upon our Solar System, and produce all the correlations of forces."(SDI-579)


"Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet." (Vol. II, 570)


Venus is "the little sun in which the solar orb stores his lights." (S.D. Vol. II, 27) 


"Light comes through Venus who receives a triple supply and gives one-third to the Earth." (S.D. Vol. II, 33)  


We are informed of the focused distribution of light and life via a Sun and it's planets. By analogy perhaps a sun must be able to produce such a pralaya by esoterically placing a planet in shadow. 


If Mars is in pralaya now it must be in such an occult shadow. My hypothesis runs that, a sun can be placed in such a pralaya by a greater Sun, and so account for a probability of suns going into pralaya and effecting the processes and sequencing of Sunship. JPC.


The cometary stage is most mysterious; though scientists, more from intuition than from concrete evidence, are beginning to connect comets with the sun and planets. Jupiter has a family of fifty captive comets. The late Dr. Proctor suggested that the giant planets may be the parents of their comet families themselves, these being cast off in past times. Prof. Chamberlain was inclined to believe that comets had developed from matter ejected from the sun; but the only accessible proof of that kind lends itself quite as well to the supposition of a mere similarity of matter.


But in view of the teaching that Jupiter is gradually expanding to an aeriform condition, the state of our earth before the first "Round," these fifty comets are deeply significant. Must it not be then, that Jupiter's next "incarnation" will be that of a minor Sun, with his comets settled down in life, as planets of a new Solar System? Says the "Heart Doctrine:" New York Times, Aug. 23, 1932. 

Jeremy Condick.

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